Sound and Energy Healing

These two modalities work on the fact that we all have an energy field around our physical body, our energy body.  Inside our body is seven chakra centres.  The energy in our body flows through energy channels called meridians. . Energy and sound healing help the energy flow allowing the body to remain in balance by clearing away blockages.  . When we suffer an illness or traumatic event, this can cause a blockage in the energy field or chakra. This then stops the universal energy from flowing properly through the body.

Energy healing occurs when a practitioner channels life force energy into the auric and physical body,  cleansing out any negative or stagnant energy. This allows the highest self to connect and ignites a natural healing ability in the person.


Sound Healing

This method of healing goes back to the 12th century.  Singing bowls and gongs have been used throughout Asia for meditation, ritual, and healing practises.  Singing bowls calm and repair the mind, reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve breathing and circulation, alleviate aches and pains, strengthen the immune system, and improve the mood of the patient.

Both crystal bowl and metal singing bowls have tremendous health benefits, as well as, sounding magical.

The tone of the bowls flows through your body creating a relaxed state. While our body is under stress it becomes sick, however, relaxation gives your body the chance to heal.  The sound vibration can also break up energetic blockages and clear your chakras.

The vibration that comes from a singing bowl or gong raises the frequency in and around your body. This higher vibration allows us to release negative thoughts, replacing them with joyful and uplifting ones.

Attending a sound bath you lay down in a comfortable position, listen to the bowls and gong being played and absorb the vibration. Your brain goes into the theta state and your body goes into deep relaxation. The sound bath leaves you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.