Retreat Frequently Asked Questions

Many who travel with us come as first-timers. Your first retreat can be so exciting but also can provoke many questions. Below we have listed some of the more common ones. If you have ANY others please get in touch and ask away.

Do you have to be religious to go on a retreat?

No, not at all. The retreat is open to anyone, you just need an open mind as we will explore some temples and ashrams, all of which are of Hindu origin. In India the main religion is Hindu, there are also many Muslims, Christian’s and Sikhs also. Therefore on the retreat, it is important to be respectful of these beliefs in others but there is no expectation for you to follow these, nor will anyone try to convert you to their beliefs.

The retreat covers meditation and yoga which again are of a Hindu origin but are easy for anyone to follow.

We are inclusive of all people and beliefs.


A shaded mountain path
A foreign adventure – we can help make it exciting and take away any anxiety.

Does the group do everything together – is the whole day / the whole retreat has every minute timetabled?

No there is free time built in. Every day has activities available, however, if you chose to do your own thing that is fine. Retreat facilitators will be taking part in the activities.

Can I arrange my own transport to the venue so I can maybe do some traveling either before or after the retreat?

Yes of course

I have heard in India, currency cannot be bought before your trip, is that true and can you help when I get there?

Yes, it is true you can’t buy currency beforehand but this will be arranged when you arrive at the retreat venue. If you prefer you can arrange your own at the airport

I believe most UK mobile phones need a local sim card is that true can you advise??

Yes, you will need an Indian SIM card, and your phone must be unlocked to accept this so please arrange this before you come. Sim cards cost around £5/8 and can be arranged from the retreat venue

I am worried that if I become ill that there will be non or poor medical facilities?

There are a few hospitals near the venue and medical facilities are perfectly adequate

If there is free time how safe is the area to explore by yourself?

During the day it’s fine, I would use rickshaw drivers to get around. I would advise against women exploring at night on their own, just to be on the safe side.

I wonder if you can explain the sleeping arrangements as I may be traveling by myself and not sure if I would want to sleep in a dormitory or with other people I don’t know?

There is the option of your own room or sharing with one other person. Please see the pricing options.

Can you buy alcohol?

I would ask you not to buy alcohol on the retreat. If you would like to do this in your own time before or after the retreat you are welcome to.

I like the sound of all your activities but I haven’t done many of them, I am happy to give them a try but don’t know if I will be good at them, does that matter?

All activities are suitable for beginners so don’t worry you do not have to be good at them. You are free to try them out

Can you drink the water?

You can drink the bottled water

Are there lots of mosquitos?

There are mosquitoes, cream and spray are available that help to keep them away. Also wearing clothes that cover your arms and legs.

If you have a serious reaction to mosquitoes then it may not be the best place for you.

Is there a choice of food at mealtimes? Is there anywhere nearby to try other local dishes or maybe even have something a little more western??

The food available on the retreat will be vegetarian Indian food. There are restaurants and café’s nearby that provide a lovely variety of more western food.

What sort of clothing would you suggest for during the day/night?

Light and lose clothing. The temples and places around Arunachala require a modest dress, with no arms or legs showing by women. T-shirts are ok, but not shorts for women.

Men can wear shorts that are not too short, although some temples may not allow it.

This is their culture and we need to be respectful of this

Will you be there if there are any problems or if I have any other questions??

We will be available throughout the retreat during 8 am and 8 pm

And contactable for emergencies out of these hours
The activities look great but if one day or part of a day I fancy going out somewhere else or just want some time out would that be ok?

Yes that is fine