Crown Chakra Singing Bowl


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Crown Chakra Singing Bowl

Brand: Shiva Shakti Designs
Size: 5.5 inch diameter – 2.5 inch depth
Made: Nepal

About this item:
Plays a heavenly sound and has embedded the symbols relating to your chakra. See youtube clip for sounds

Balancing your third eye chakra helps to increase your connection to the universe and humanity. The singing bowl can be used in meditation or healing to balance your chakra.

Comes with a free playing stick

Singing Bowls:
Singing bowls originated from the Himalayan regions, also Tibet and Nepal. These mystical bowls are used for sound healing, meditation and general relaxation. They each create a unique sound vibration which, clears your energy field and helps to connect you to your inner peace.

The sound of a singing bowl allows the left and right brain to synchronise with each other, helping to centre ourselves.

The products I sell are all ethically sourced, from people I know in India. I sell products that I believe aid people’s well-being.
I also sell products from small businesses in India, who are trying to build a better life for themselves. I aim to support them in this through the selling of their products, whilst supplying people with good quality products that they can enjoy.


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